Immigration and working in the UK

The Points Based System has been gradually introduced by UKBA since 2008, replacing previous immigration categories such as work permits and the Highly Skilled Migrant Program. In its current form, the PBS applies to a wide range of individuals, included highly skilled migrants, entrepreneurs, investors and those sponsored by their employer.

The Immigration Team offers specialist advice to both private individuals and businesses on all aspects of the PBS. This includes advising businesses applying for a Sponsor’s licensed and ensuring they are fully aware of what is required of them to remain compliant with the rigorous of the Sponsor Management System. Obtaining a license gives businesses the ability to recruit internationality to secure the best candidate for their organization.

We regularly advise individuals on applications under Tier 1 of the PBS, including highly skilled individuals, investors, entrepreneurs and those who fit the ‘exceptional talent’ category. The team has particularized expertise in advising those individuals with more complex earning structures and ensuring they understand the additional requirements placed on them. Given the prescriptive nature of the immigration rules for the PBS, the Immigration Team is able to offer expertise to individuals throughout the application process.