AT ARC, the team of lawyers protect the rights of workers and also the rights of employers. The employment and unfair dismissal lawyers in Pakistan, UAE and UK are able to advise you on all aspects of employment and unfair dismissal law, including employment contracts, remuneration strategies, employment policies, human resources management and termination of employment. Effective management of these issues involves making the right decisions at every stage of the employment relationship from the initial interview to the termination of an employee. Our employment lawyers specialize in matters involving advice on employment contracts, unfair dismissal and unlawful dismissal cases (otherwise known as general protection). Our services and advice include the following:

At ARC we also protect the rights of the employers and play a role like safeguard for the employers civil liberties. Our team provides the services to develop infrastructure related to the human resource system, hiring strategy of workers, orientation of workers, training of workers and to protect the rights of employers under the settled terms of employment contract

  • • Representation in unfair dismissal and unlawful termination cases

  • • Negotiation of redundancy packages

  • • Employment contracts advice

  • • Confidentiality, non-compete and restraint of trade clauses

  • • Equal opportunity laws

  • • Remuneration and employee benefits

  • • Execution of hiring and termination policies

  • • Orientaion policy

  • • Retention policy

  • • CSR policies

  • • Domestic and international employment counseling